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What If In 9 Weeks, You Could Create The Startup You’ve Always Wanted To Build?

Ready to abandon do-it-yourself startup building and build a more grown-up, polished version of your startup that’s poised for success?

Welcome to Summit, where budding entrepreneurs build and launch their startups in as little as 9 weeks, equipped with the tools and resources used by the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs.

 Welcome To Summit

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Building Your First Company Can Be Downright Terrifying

You’ve Googled how-to articles and have read some books on how to find your first customers, how to properly price your products, and the best marketing plan for your industry — but you still aren’t confident about launching your startup and it feels like you’re missing big pieces of the puzzle. There are still so many questions you have and you really need specific details, guidance, and feedback on how to combine all these different strategies that you are being told are essential for your company. You want to give your company everything it needs to launch and sell at the magnitude you know that it can reach.

Or maybe you’ve already built your company, but aren’t hitting the traction you thought you’d hit. You’re currently only bringing in a few orders or sales per month, and you need to figure out how to scale so that you can finally get yourself on payroll and hire some help! You frankly aren’t sure if you’re building your company correctly, or if you’re heading in the right direction. You’ve built your company thus far either as a hobby or with DIY knowledge you’ve gathered over the years, and you really need someone to step in and course correct, or simply teach you how to build your company so that it’s a more grown-up, streamlined version of what you have now.

Who This Is For 

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Is This You?

You’ve built your startup thus far with knowledge you’ve accumulated from how-to tutorials, mentors, and books, but you’re ready to buckle down and get serious about your business. You’re tired of do-it-yourself startup building, and want to build your startup correctly and professionally so that you’re set up for success. You also want your business to ultimately contribute to more freedom and ease in your life, and not take you as a prisoner of your daily to-do list.

Summit is for the committed, goal-getter who’s ready to bring his/her startup to life. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when your startup will be realized. You do not have any issues with accountability, and are diligent about getting tasks done — as long as you know what needs to be done, you’ll get it done. You are open, receptive, collaborative, and ready to grow.

Whether you’re building your startup from scratch, or you’re an entrepreneur with an existing company that needs to be cleaned up, you’re excited about diving deep and dedicating the time needed to your startup. Whichever your industry, we’ll be able to provide you with the support you need — we’ve worked with companies from tech, health and wellness, education, social impact, consumer product industries, and more and bring our wide knowledge base to guide you.



This incubator is an online course and 1-on-1 mentorship program where you are guided through weekly exercises and 1-on-1 calls to help build your business. You’ll go from not knowing what you’re doing to knowing exactly what you need to do next to elevate your idea into an operational company. You’ll learn the systems and strategies that some of the most renowned entrepreneurs use to build the AirBnBs, Warby Parkers, and Instagrams of the world (and how you can implement those same strategies to your own startup).

The goal of this online incubator is to not only provide you with all the resources you need to build your company, but to provide you with the framework to move and grow with your startup, confidently. In other words, we want you to walk away from this experience teaching you how to think rather than what to think. We want you to fully encapsulate the mindset of a successful entrepreneur so that the lessons of this incubator are timeless, and that you possess the guiding principles to carry you throughout your entrepreneurial career.

By enrolling in Summit, you receive access to:

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Receive 3 months of support to build your business — we’ll spend 9 weeks going through the essentials of building a well-oiled startup from scratch, and you’ll receive 3 weeks of accountability calls and support to ensure that you’re implementing everything that you’ve learned.

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Receive lifetime access to Ascent Strategy’s Basecamp platform online, where we curate the best books, tools, and resources that are available to entrepreneurs on the market.

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Build your business with our weekly workbooks that help you create a winning startup from scratch. These workbooks accompany the topics and discussions we have on our 1-on-1 calls. Walk away with more clarity on what your business will look like, and create the content you need to write a business plan (if you so wish).

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Receive 9 one-on-one calls with Sophia, Ascent Strategy’s Principal where you’ll receive expert advice and custom feedback on how each week’s lesson applies to your startup. After completing the incubator’s 9 lessons, you’ll receive 3 implementation calls where Sophia will provide additional feedback on any challenges you run into while integrating learnings from Summit into your startup.

Receive special bonuses to accelerate your startup’s growth by receiving access to our Business Plan Creator Tool, our Pitch Deck Checklist, and more.


The Details

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll build and discuss during Summit:


It’s never fun to find out a year into building your startup that it’s actually not right for you. We’ll dig into your startup idea and gauge if it’s actually aligned with you and your long-term goals. We’ll clearly define your boundaries, and how you can craft a business that truly feels representative of your strengths and interests.

Customer Love

Who are your customers and how do you relate to them? We map out what motivates your customers and how your startup can snuggly fit itself at the intersection of your customer’s pain point and their purchasing habits. We’ll learn how some of the world’s greatest brands craft customer experiences, and how you can apply it to your startup. Everything from positioning to language, we’ll work closely to get into the minds of your customers and how best to sell to them.

Product/Service Refinement

Get clear on your startup’s products / services and whether it’s positioned to resonate with your target customers. Learn foundational principles that make or break a product/service, and receive personalized feedback on your startup’s offerings for its target market.

Modern Marketing & Sales

In this modern digital age, marketing and sales strategies that work for small businesses look very different from how it looked even a few years ago. Marketing and sales funnels are effective, but they don’t necessarily work for every business, or may only represent a portion of a larger marketing and sales strategy. From traditional, digital, to non-traditional marketing and sales strategies, we’ll go through the wide range of available solutions so that you’re equipped with numerous options when creating your startup’s marketing and sales plan.

Websites & Your Online Ecosystem

Learn about what’s essential for your startup’s online presence in its initial years of launch, and how to craft a website and online ecosystem that gives customers what they need to engage, or purchase from your brand. Learn the ins and outs of recommended website platforms, home page styles, tools, and more.

Pricing & Financial Projections

Price your products and services properly so that it meets market expectations while satisfying your business’ breakeven markers. We’ll discuss how to price your products, create financial projections for your business, and properly plan through various scenarios so that you’re never financially caught by surprise. You’ll even learn the best way to turn a profit in the first year of your business, regardless of how much revenue you generate.

Backend Operations & Systems

A startup with a shaky operational backend can crush a startup of any size, whether the startup is grossing five-figures or over a million. A dysfunctional operational structure can significantly stall a company and stop it from realizing its full growth potential. Learn all the necessary systems and processes your business should implement from the very beginning so that you avoid the common pitfalls that stagnate small businesses.

Goal Setting & Planning

We’ll take all the lessons learned from Summit and create a clear plan of action. You’ll walk away with a clear idea of your next steps so that you can hit the ground running as you launch your startup!


Who You’re Working With 

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Hi, I’m Sophia, your guide through Summit. I’ve been recognized as a Forbes 30 under 30 honoree, and have won accolades such as the Fred Alger Finance Award, pitched at ELLE Magazine’s Impact2 Awards, and have been named an All-Star Forbes 30U30 Alumni.

Over my career, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build their businesses from scratch, or scale after hitting a major roadblock. To say that I’ve seen, heard, and (mentally) fought through every problem a startup could possibly face is an understatement. It’s work I love doing and hope to provide at scale through my work with entrepreneurs in Summit. With my past clients, I’ve helped large nonprofits open offices in new countries, increased sales by 50% within 3 months of diagnosing a client’s blocks, raised millions in funding, and have helped launch countless startups in the social impact, product, and tech industries.

I built this program because there’s a lack of quality resources out there that help entrepreneurs build their startup from idea to launch with a touch of personalized support. Books and blog posts are only helpful up to a certain point and hard to apply to your specific idea — you really need industry-specific advice, and step-by-step guidance to help fill the knowledge gaps that exist when you’re still learning. Traditional incubators are often location-specific, extremely competitive to enroll in, and not accessible for those with a full-time job.

It’s my belief that entrepreneurship should not be reserved for the individuals who have access to the network, social capital, or financial resources to launch their startups. I struggled throughout the vast majority of my entrepreneurial career blindly building my companies in the most inefficient ways possible (financially, and in my use of time and personal energy) because I could not afford the educational resources, conferences, or incubators I needed to learn. I bootstrapped the hell out of every company I built, with little to no investment capital other than the credit card debt I continuously accrued. If I had the wisdom and knowledge I have today, I would have saved myself a lot of grief and sanity that left me mentally stationary for so many years. My mission is to democratize high-caliber, advanced entrepreneurship education that’s usually reserved for private conferences, retreats, and coaches and to make it accessible to as many people as possible. I truly believe that anyone who wants to wake up every morning working on a startup they love should have the opportunity to bring it to life.

Join Summit 


Investment: $3,500

(Or 4 Payments of $917)


We want to make sure that this program will provide all the results that you’re looking for, so we ask that you hop on an initial call with Sophia to ensure that Summit is right for you.


The Guarantee

We’re so confident in the results and transformation you’ll see from Summit, that we’re happy to give you back your investment if you’re not satisfied with your experience with the program.


Looking To Join The Group Version Of Summit?

Let us know here and we’ll inform you as soon as the group program is open for enrollment.
(Summit’s group program is $2,500 or 3 payments of $897)



Sophia is an extraordinary resource for me, and quite possibly telepathic! She has helped me get my startup off the ground and keeps me on track whenever I need it. Just recently I threw her a bunch of problems I was grappling with, and found myself saying "Oh my god, that is so helpful" throughout the entire call - leaving me feeling focused and excited again. Sophia is a laser-focused, skilled listener with tons of heart. Highly recommended.

Kim, Smarty Practice

Sophia's guidance was well-structured, insightful, and challenged me to view my business through a different lens. Her personal approach and thoughtful advice helped me to make tangible changes to make Re:Boot Experiences even more impactful. Thank you for all your support these last few months!

Hana, Re:Boot Experiences

Frankly, I feel honored Sophia chose to lend her prodigious talents to my project. Her entrepreneurial acumen and intellectual horsepower took my business strategy further than I ever could have dreamed. And her personal grace and collaborative style make me eager for our paths to cross again. Truly, many thanks for a job incredibly well done.

Anita, Make+Believe

Sophia was a godsend. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest/supportive and KIND. She not only has an outrageous breadth of knowledge, but she also has the experience and can therefore connect with her clients on a more intimate and compassionate level. She helped to identify every gap in my business and quickly worked with me to create a solution. I walked away each week feeling empowered, refreshed, optimistic and ready to implement all I learned. Thank you, Sophia!

Devon, Moon Cycle Bakery

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