Business Plan Review

Business Plan Review


If you’ve purchased a Business Plan Creator, and are eager to see if the business plan you’ve written is the best it can be, then the Business Plan Review may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Send us your business plan (we’re happy to share an NDA for both parties to sign off on) and our team will provide comments and suggestions for improvement.

When purchasing a Business Plan Review, you’ll receive:

  • A section-by-section review on what is strong in the business plan, as well as areas where it can be improved.

  • Direction and guidance on what steps need to be taken to make the suggested improvements.

  • A review of your financial projections and how it can be improved.

The Business Plan Review DOES NOT:

  • Provide grammatical or sentence structure revisions.

  • Provide text or content additions to the business plan.

  • Provide changes to the financial projection numbers.

Upon completing your purchase, a team member will email you next steps. Look out for an email from hello[at]ascent-strategy[dot]com. (If you don’t see it, check your Spam folder!)

Not satisfied with the product, or is it completely not up to your expectations? Just shoot us an email at hello[at]ascent-strategy[dot]com. We’ll work with you to get it right, even if it means we provide a full refund.

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