Sophia is amazing. Grateful to work with her. Her questionnaire is straight forward and what you can’t answer she does her own research on. Budgeting and financials are great. I’m excited to take this project to the next level because of her work!

Lauren M.

Sophia was wonderful to work with. I needed guidance on the viability of a startup idea and I'm glad that I got to work with her on this project. She had great insight and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a consultant to test an idea with.

Smriti B.

Sophia is a brilliant strategist and consummate professional. She has a wealth of experience and goes above and beyond for her clients! I run a nonprofit and she helped us develop a detailed infrastructure that helped us raise six figures in 12 months. I highly recommended Ascent Strategy!

Johnny B.
Shine Hard

Sophia was able to vision what I wanted for my business plan in moving forward professionally. My work and personal schedule made it difficult for me to have the time to be flexible in reviewing her work, and she was more than kind, and understanding. When I asked for edits, she was extremely humble and made it happen. Sophia is well-rounded in her skill set. Highly recommend.

Amanda G-L.

I don't even think I can find the words to glowingly recommend Sophia enough. I will do my best though, but her talents and abilities are many and this is a limited space…Not only is Sophia a pleasure to work with—both friendly and personable—she knows her stuff. After achieving success at a young age, Sophia has acquired an impressive resume of significant experiences that make her the ideal candidate when it comes advising on entrepreneurship and starting up businesses. She is a money maker and achievement oriented. These qualities come through in her work. First of all, Sophia wrote a stellar business plan for my new venture—which is an industry that's completely new to her. Using her impeccable researching and writing skills, she clearly demonstrated a grasp of the financial part of things, as well. Sophia went above beyond, counseling me on different aspects of my new business and asking critical questions that I couldn't have thought up myself. Ever the professional, Sophia met every timeline without a problem. She also took extra initiative to craft an ambitious, yet doable, distribution plan (for years to come!) that I don't believe I even asked her to create! She is diplomatic, has tact, is honest, well spoken and has a sense of how business and the world of commerce and nonprofit works. Sophia also knows how to motivate people. I could say this because she kept me on going a number of times when I wanted to give up. And entrepreneurs are at great risk of throwing in the towel when things get hard and expensive. I have learned a great deal from Sophia, and hope to continue to do so before she runs the world! Thank you, Sophia!

Michelle G. 

Frankly, I feel honored Sophia chose to lend her prodigious talents to my project. Her entrepreneurial acumen and intellectual horsepower took my business strategy further than I ever could have dreamed. And her personal grace and collaborative style make me eager for our paths to cross again. Truly, many thanks for a job incredibly well done.

Anita S.

Sophia was amazing. Did an excellent job on business proposal above and beyond my expectations. I was under a lot of pressure not really knowing where to begin or how to pull it all together and with her expertise she pulled it off in a short amount of time. It was also a learning experience she took the extra time to explain to me on how to pitch it to potential investors so that it made sense and was coherent. Amazing job!

Shane P. 
Al Muminoon

Sophia has been the single best help to our organization this year. Investing in her services has paid for itself time and time again. Having her to consult with on important matters any ED faces like fundraising, board development and pitching strategy has given our organization the boost we so desperately needed at year-end. Since working with her we are on track to fundraise over $35k this month alone - more than we've ever fundraised in a month before. Sophia is reliable, easy to talk to and always willing to be honest about what works and what doesn't based on her own 6 years of experience in the non-profit world. She has kept me accountable to the goals I set for myself and her guidance has truly been transformative for myself and Sundara as a whole.

Erin Z.
Sundara Fund

Sophia was a godsend. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest/supportive and KIND. She not only has an outrageous breadth of knowledge, but she also has the experience and can therefore connect with her clients on a more intimate and compassionate level. She helped to identify every gap in my business and quickly worked with me to create a solution. I walked away each week feeling empowered, refreshed, optimistic and ready to implement all I learned. Thank you, Sophia!

Devon L.
Moon Cycle Bakery

I highly recommend Sophia for anyone looking for a business plan. The process she uses is professional, well communicated, and precise. Sophia was able to take my vision of an ed tech startup and explain it in a business plan accompanied with thoughtful research and valuable insight. She took time to extract my vision and business goals and communicated throughout the entire process. Since I do not have a background in business at all, Sophia was patient and explained all areas of the business plan and the purpose/rationale for each aspect she included in the plan. I could not have asked for a better experience!

Ryan S. 

Sophia provides the type of sage advice every social entrepreneur needs. She understands what it takes to bring ideas into action and monetize throughout that process so as to sustain organizations, movements, and social enterprises. Her advice is concrete, her support consistent, and her understanding of the challenges social entrepreneurs navigate real. Sophia has helped me innovate to expand Continuum and grow Global Insight.

Jillian F.
Continuum Collective 

I am forever grateful for Sophia’s help, and I couldn’t ask for a better individual to guide me throughout the process of starting a nonprofit organization. When I thought I had a solid initial plan on the organizational structure of The HIV League, I went to Sophia to talk about the idea I had.  Immediately, she was not afraid to deliver helpful constructive criticism, yet she made sure to praise and support the ideas she thought were worthwhile to act on.  I continue to approach her whenever I run into major setbacks, and she is always there to listen, talk through possible actions, and suggest solutions that will continue the progress within completing the mission of The HIV League.

Daniel S. The HIV League. 

Unbelievably talented and work submitted proved value beyond skillset description. I recommend Sophia to anyone in need of professional work with a touch of prestige.


Ingemar P. ALPAC.