How Do You Onboard Full-Time Staff? 

The Challenge

A growing cryptocurrency company wanted to onboard full-time staff, and establish HR processes and systems that abided by state and federal laws when it came to managing independent contractors, and providing benefits to employees throughout several states in the US. 


Key Discoveries

To accomplish the company's onboarding and HR goals, we worked closely with the team to determine the company's expenses upon hiring new staff with full benefits, its work policies to establish healthy baselines in the workplace, and a structured process to support employees and contractors throughout their employment at the company. We customized each deliverable of this project from financial projections, health insurance quotes, to maternity / paternity leave policies specific to the state laws that each employee was governed by. By creating financial projections for hiring full-time staff, an employee handbook, an onboarding process for independent contractors, and staff and contractor employment contracts, we were able to provide all the tools that the executive team needed to make its hiring decisions, and remain compliant with federal and state laws.



  • HR Systems and Processes
  • Employee Handbook
  • HR Software Selection
  • Financial Projections


All identifying information about the startups presented in the case studies above have been removed to honor non-disclosure agreements between Ascent Strategy and its clients.