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Creating a business plan can be confusing if you have not created one before! There are so many websites and templates online that point to different styles and structures, but say very little about how to create a winning business plan. Without a frame of reference, it’s difficult to figure out what you need to communicate to create a great business plan that wins over investors and creates a market-ready roadmap for your business.  

That's why we've created two solutions to fulfill each entrepreneur's specific business plan needs: Our Business Plan Creator Tool and Custom Business Plans.


We Give Back

When you work with Ascent Strategy, your purchase also supports the efforts of a positive cause or movement.

Every quarter, we make a donation to elevate the mission of a startup nonprofit that’s less than 10 years old. Visit our Services page to see which nonprofit we're donating to this quarter. 


Custom Business Plans

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$3,000 (Timeline: 2-3 Weeks)


Business Plan
(Includes major sections such as Executive Summary, Mission & Vision, Product & Service Description, Market Analysis, Marketing Plan, Sales Plan, Financial Projections, and more)


Our Secret Sauce: We’ve worked with businesses from numerous industries ranging from fashion, pet, SaaS, travel, electronics, cannabis, home goods, food, nonprofits, skincare, real estate, to wellness products.

Businesses from a myriad of industries work with us and are connected by the shared value: they want to be the best at what they do.

Who This Is For: Our custom business plans are made for serious entrepreneurs who don’t want to build their business based on vague outlines — they’re looking for meticulous detail and an actionable step-by-step plan.

What We Bring To The Table: Each business plan created by our team comes with years of accumulated experience, insights on industry trends, and proven business strategies. Having worked with hundreds of startups, we bring a portfolio of what worked and didn't work for companies in your industry when advising your startup. 

Each business plan includes up-to-date market research on your industry and is edited by a Copyeditor. Not sure if your business is viable and ready for market? Want your business to have a digital marketing and sales funnel, but don't know how to map it? Not sure what the financial obligations of your business look like?  We've got you covered.


The Process: To make sure that your business plan is exactly what you've envisioned, we kick off each custom business plan with an in-depth questionnaire to accurately capture the features, aspirations, and values you have for your business. If you're not sure what some areas of your business look like, have no fear! We'll provide our honest feedback and expertise to guide you through the development of your business. 


Business Plan Creator Tool

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$25 (Gain Immediate Access)


25+ Page Guide + Financial Projections Template

Digital PDF


Custom business plans not a fit? We have DIY tool if you want to write your business plan yourself!

Who This Is For: This Business Plan Creator is made for the entrepreneur or visionary who wants to write their own business plan, but does not know where to start or has not written a business plan before. This tool shares the exact formula that Ascent’s team uses to write its business plans for entrepreneurs who end up securing over $500K in funding and present their business plans to Fortune 500 executives.

This Business Plan Creator will help you not only map out the major sections needed in your business plan, but also help you fill out each section with confidence.

Scared of the financial projections section? Don’t worry, we have something for that too. The Business Plan Creator comes with Ascent’s recommended financial projections template along with line-by-line descriptions on how you can best fill out each financial line for accuracy and proper projecting.

Whether you present your business plan to an investor, colleague, or simply need a roadmap for your own reference, this Business Plan Creator will provide the peace of mind that you’ve created a document that’s up to par with expectations for a winning business plan.


Who You're Working With


Every business plan that leaves Ascent Strategy is guided by Sophia's strategies and insights. You'll speak to her directly throughout the planning process and receive a business plan that's personally curated and written by her and her team.

Sophia Sunwoo is a serial entrepreneur — she sold her first company at the age of 22, built an international nonprofit at 24, and was named a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree at 29. There's nothing she loves more than solving a hairy, convoluted challenge, side by side with a startup's founder. Born from entrepreneurs, Sophia is passionate about guiding and empowering entrepreneurs so that they can craft their business and life on their own terms. Learn more about Sophia's background here